Åkrafjorden Snøhetta

"The hunting lodge is beautifully situated, alone beside a lake in the untouched mountain areas close to Åkrafjorden in the western part of Norway. It is accessible only by foot or horseback. The integration of the hut into the landscape has been an important part of the concept. The terrain is characteristic with grass, heather and rocks, and the hut’s shape, orientation, and materials are dictated by this. “

(Source: archatlas)

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The Prahran Hotel, Melbourne, Australia | Techné Architects

A rear of a small inner city Melbourne pub has been transformed from a tiny add-on back extension into a voyeuristic playground by Techné Architects. The clever rethinking of the space has effectively turned the 130m2 back area of The Prahran Hotel into 300m2 over three levels.

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Climbing tunnel in Tara, Gran Canaria, Spain

All the benefits of a climbing gym, but outside? Yes please.

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